Resurrection Exhibition: Call Out to Artists

During Easter 2017 the Hurtado Jesuit Centre in partnership with Farm Street Jesuit Church, and St Patrick’s Studios will be hosting an exhibition on the Resurrection. The exhibition is an opportunity for contemporary artists to display work that reflects Christianity and an opportunity for everyone else to appreciate the wonderful work that is going on often behind the scenes!

The exhibition is an attempt to help people rediscover the beauty of the mysteries of the world and God. The effort is truly worth making. As Benedict XVI said ‘Art is elemental. Reason alone as it’s expressed in the sciences can’t be man’s complete answer to reality, and it can’t express everything that man can, wants to, and has to express. I think God built this into man. Art along with science is the highest gift God has given him.’

Call-Out for Artists

Artists who are interested in exhibiting are very welcome to apply.

Submit work in any of the following:

  • painting,
  • sculptures,
  • sketches,
  • photos or
  • installations

Work submitted will need to fit within the four themes of the exhibition

  • Suffering and Sin
  • The Life and Death of Christ
  • Prefigurements of Christ’s Resurrection or
  • The Resurrection and the Glorious Christ

It is suggested artists enter 2-3 pieces each

The deadline for submissions is the 30th of January 2017.

The dates for the exhibition are:

The Hurtado Jesuit Centre, Wapping: 21st-23rd April 2017

Farm Street Church, Mayfair: 28th-30th April 2017

Submission form for download here

Link to Hurtado Centre

For more information and submission forms contact:

St Patrick’s Studios at Husk Coffee and Creative Space

Transforming the Hurtado Centre’s canteen into a gallery for a weekend may well have been the biggest task of the year. What do you do after days of constructing and deconstructing walls, hanging and taking down 50+ artworks, countless trips back and forth in Mike’s handy van (and not to mention hosting a buzzing opening night)? Do it all again, of course…


It’s brilliant that an exhibition put together for Wapping Open Studios could exist beyond the weekend planned. After taking it down, we packed up and transported everything (cue Mike’s handy van!) to be re-hung at Husk Coffee and Creative Space in Limehouse.


Husk is a community centre and project of a Christian charity called London City Mission. As well as being a lively café and coffee shop, it also connects with local artists and creatives through its residency program and gallery spaces. St Patrick’s studios have connections with the space as a result of some of our artists exhibiting there in the past, and one who currently works there. So we were really grateful when they gave us the opportunity to extend our exhibition on the café walls until the end of October!


It was a challenge to curate the show again in such a different space! But it was also exciting to see how new relationships and juxtapositions emerged between works, through a completely different hang. And it’s wonderful that our work can be shared with and enjoyed by more people in the East London community!


Husk is open Tuesdays – Saturdays, and the show continues until the 29th October. Pop over and catch it over a good coffee!



Wapping Open Studios: St Patrick’s Studios at the Hurtado Refugee Centre.

Health and Safety regulations prevented the artists from inviting the general public into the studios at the Old St Patrick’s School building – an opportunity to show in the Hurtado Centre instead was accepted the only drawback being the hall offered a limited wall space to hang work. Not to be put off two MDF walls 20ft x 10ft and 20ft x 8ft were prepared and constructed on the Thursday evening along with the submission of artists work for display. It’s regretful no stop-motion record of this process exists. However another time…



Thursday was a late finish and Friday an early start with a group of the 12 exhibiting artists organising a hang before the opening at 7.00pm that evening. Additional arrangements also required the use of a second room for St Patrick’s Watercolour group, one video installation and Kiddies Corner.



Work continued right up to the last minutes before 7.00pm as somehow punters managed to find their way into ‘the gallery space’ before the scheduled opening. Very soon the place was heaving with a broad cross section of guests, family, friends and locals.





As 9.00pm approached, mindful of the sleeping Jesuits, all were encouraged to depart and to continue celebrating if wished at a local hostelry. Saturday and Sunday continued to see a steady stream of visitors and some sales!! Hurray!





Closing late Sunday afternoon the artwork was soon off the walls and the walls dismantled and stored for later use.  The artwork was transported a mile down the road to Limehouse, to Husk Coffee and Creative space with another early start Monday morning to hang the work in the café spaces.

Website Launch Event

Early in September there was a small gathering of studio artists, guests, friends and family to officially acknowledge our website launch. Among the assembled company it was great to welcome David Fairbairn of and thank him for helping us put together such a great site. Also thanks to Andrew Kelly who provided the resources page with the only known English translation online of Pope Paul VI’s 1964 Sistine Chapel address to artists making this a St Patrick’s Studio’s EXCLUSIVE!


Summer Festival Watercolour Group


The Watercolour Group has been going for some time now and Alice, Elspeth and Clive were at its inception several years ago.

We  begin our days with a prayer or poem chosen by members of the group to share. This is something Alice instigated creating a warm, peaceful, hospitality that everyone values.

We thoroughly enjoy sharing ideas and techniques and practising them together and individually.

Activities of  2016 Summer festival displayed a variety of approaches in a focused and supportive environment;

  • Elspeth perfected the art of “wet on wet” in her gorgeous flora paintings.
  • Clive continued to  experiment with different techniques.
  • Daphne produced beautiful landscapes in mixed media.
  • Marie focused on developing a loose and free style in flower painting.
  • Rosaleen focused on capturing the Salt marshes and sea lavender of  North Norfolk, mixed media.

Other members were unable to join us this time apart from Rosaleen Haddow who managed Wednesday only, but she still kindly brought coffee ,tea and provisions and she painted a  lovely hanging basket next to the church.

At the end of each day we shared our paintings with the group and offered each other encouragement and support in ways to go forward; “Have a go!”  being our philosophy.

Our thanks go to St Patrick’s for hosting the festival again this year  and providing this space for us to get together and paint.

Members: Alice Robertson, Elspeth Elliot, Clive Lee,  Marie Scanlan,  Rosaleen Haddow, Janice Reeves, Daphne Kilner, Pam  Ware, Keith Ware, Rosaleen Walsh.