Date Events
Autumn 2002 – Aug 2003 The primary school at St Patrick’s is closed Summer 2002.  Fr Digby Samuels,  the parish priest,  had the idea to evangelise the culture through art using the old school building as a center for arts activity.

Fr Digby shares his idea with the Franciscan Friars at St Fidelis Friary, Canning Town, where Alice Robertson is painting a Divine Mercy image.
Three week sight-size art course at St Patrick’s Old School, August 2003: Harriet Salt and Alice Robertson with the help of Alex Russell Flint and backed by David Clayton (who has independently had the idea of starting a Catholic art School) organise a three week summer school and offer some evening life drawing.

Harriet, Alex and Alice all studied together at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, a classical atelier. The course runs well.  Approximately 12 students come through the parish, via contacts and other advertising.  Once a week a prayer meditation is offered in the church.


September 2003 – Jan 2004

Harriet Salt takes responsibility for the business side of things and starts putting together a plan for a sight-size art school that will offer some assisted places to students in the surrounding area. Cathy Walsh (parishioner and business woman) helps.

Another three week sight-size course is planned for Old St Patrick’s School.  [OSPS from now on].

Sarah de Nordwall, poet and creative person who has studied  Theology of Art and Beauty attends the course. Her experience and theology is very helpful.  She is able to speak to Fr Digby about her experiences of creativity and evangelisation in church settings, having worked in many Anglican, Catholic and non-denominational churches. Harriet and others involved are less comfortable about a faith element in an art school.

Br John Paul CFR from St Fidelis Friary, Canning Town is supportive and encouraging for ‘evangelising the culture’.

Alice meets Liz Asher and Simone Lia both parishioners at St Patrick’s.  Liz is an artist living in the parish and Simone is an illustrator, working in a studio in Wapping. They decide to work together to move a Catholic Christian Art project forward, and present a proposal for a Christian Art centre at St Patrick’s. With Sarah de Nordwall they meet and pray together.

Alice investigates different Christian Art projects in different denominations.  King David Kompany (KDK) run by a Non-denominational Church in Croydon; Fr Michael Barrow SJ (runs art retreats at Osterley with Sr Annie, Intermission  led by Rev Rob Gillion and his wife Janine Gillion St Saviour’s Anglican Church in Knightsbridge

 April 2004
Fr Digby and the Parish Financial Committee call for a meeting where the two proposals will be presented.  Liz Asher (with help from Simone and Alice) puts together and presents a proposal for a Christian Art Centre. Harriet Salt and Emily Pennock present their proposal for a sight-size art school.  The Parish Council decides that they will both be allowed one floor of the school building. Emily and Harriet take studio space on the top floor for two years.
May 2004
Liz, Simone and Alice organize an exhibition of art work with a Christian theme called ‘Drawn into the Light’, held on the middle floor of the OSPS involving a number of Christian artists from different denominations. The exhibition is up for a week and is well attended. A report of the exhibition is presented to the parish.
June 2004
Sr Sheila Gosney RJM (an exhibiting artists at the exhibition trained in Creative Education) with Alice put together an updated list of aims and objectives for the long-term and short-term project of a Christian Centre for Art at St Patrick’s

November 2004

Liz, Simone and Alice sell their art work and draw portraits of children after Mass to raise money for materials and expenses for a Day of Creative Recollection led by Sr Sheila at St Patrick’s in November. (25 people attend)

Sr Sheila leads a group of 6 in The Artist’s Way course by Julia Cameron at OSPS over 12 weeks.

Artists Way Mass

2005 Through 2005 Sr Sheila runs two art retreats (one in spring one in autumn) at OSPS, always starting with a Mass. Liz and Simone also run an art retreat day looking at images of the life of Christ.  All events are well attended.

Peter Hall (a Baptist connected with KDK) and Alice Robertson start a monthly Saturday life drawing day at OSPS (Peter’s idea). Each session begins with a brief prayer meditation.

End of 2005 Liz moves with her husband and daughter to S.Africa.

2006 Monthly life drawing, run by Peter and Alice continues with a group of regulars and begins with a brief prayer/meditation

Alice teaches a one week sight-size course at OSPS.

Sr Sheila leads a group following ‘Walking in This World’ a creativity  course by Julia Cameron  Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Kensington.

Sr Sheila leads a retreat ‘The Sea in Me’ in OSPS in the autumn.

Carla Stone (parishioner of St Patrick’s) and Alice start a monthly Saturday morning project, with children of the parish to create a piece of art work around the Sunday’s gospel.

Kids Workshops

2006 Rowena Diggle (friend of AR) offers help and business skills to put together an updated proposal for the Catholic Christian project. She has a particular interest in the healing aspect of art.

The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal continue to offer support and encouragement.

During the year Sarah de Nordwall starts The Bard School – a prayer group for Christian Artists for ‘Discipleship of the Artist’ –  Saturdays at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Covent Garden

2007 Monthly Life Drawing Group run by Peter and Alice

Sr Sheila continues to lead creativity courses in OSPS

Carla, Alice and Rebecca working on art projects and banner making with the children

In the autumn Out and About St Patrick’s Art Group is formed.  Monthly drawing trips to various locations in London.  First trip to Kew Gardens.

Alice connects with other artists, including Lucinda Metcalfe, through exhibiting at the London City Mission Café in Limehouse.

St Patrick’s Day Retreat and Celebration in the Parish:  The Sea in Me – Setting Sail’ a follow up retreat led by Sr Sheila with a Mass at the beginning and entertainment from the Bard school and parish celebration in the School Hall in the evening

The Sea in Me

2007 Day of Reflection for Artists organised by Westminster Diocese’s Agency for Evangelization (Mark Nash), held in Wapping, led by Fr Jonathan Stewart in April.  Many artists from the Society of Catholic Artists attended. Fr Raphael Jacques CFR came and Stephen Foster.
2008 Rebecca Jellie, Adrian Tobin, Alice Robertson, Juli Jana renting studio space. Roisin Fogarty for three months

St Patrick’s Monthly Life Drawing group and Out and About Group continues

Out and About

2008 Sr Sheila running the Vein of Gold creativity course in Pimlico. Bards in attendanceStarting up a monthly Mass for Artists Community in Wapping

One off portrait drawing group and an egg painting workshop in Pimlico

Peter Hall, Martin Earle, Adrian Tobin, Carla Stone and Alice Robertson organise a programme of three Saturdays to be led by Fr Raphael Jacques CFR: Days of Reflection and Creativity for Artists. Creation & Creation – Nov 2008;  Incarnation & Creation  Jan 2009;  Creation & Re(-)creation April 2009

Adrian Tobin and Martin Earle run a film club

Creation & Creation

2009 Studios: Lucy Fay, Lucinda Metcalfe and Robin Symes moving in to studio space

Ongoing: St Patrick’s Life Drawing and Out and About groups

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFr Raphael Jacques CFR leading the Day of Reflection on the theme of Creation & Re(-)creation

Retreat Day with Sr Sheila ‘Knocking on the door

Knocking on the Door‘ retreat day with Sr Sheila

2009 Other workshops: one for children organized by Lucy Knights and a teaching workshop Monthly Parish Mass for the Artists Mardi Gras evening.  St Patrick’s Artists and friends contributing talks for  meditation/entertainment organised by Adrian, Robin, Martin, Alice and Sarah Hunter.  Good integration of parish and art project.

Carla doing a display board of photos of events in the old school building for the parish 25th April Creation and Re (-)creation. Followed by a barbecue in the parish. Fr Raphael speaking at the Mass. Artists showing their work from the day.

Children’s Art Workshop

Incarnation and Creation

2010 Ongoing: Well-attended monthly life drawing days

St Patrick’s Out and About Group, drawing and painting round London

Sr Sheila leads art retreats (beginning with a Mass) in Wapping, and also at other locations in the diocese

A Monthly Parish Mass for the Artists

February: an afternoon of prayer with artists involved at St Patrick’s led by Fr Digby Samuels in the presbytery.

Continuing prayer gatherings for the project and supporting one another – often at Carla’s house.

Alice and Carla lead ‘Desert Monsters and Desert Flowers’ workshop at St Mary’s RC Cathedral in Edinburgh organized by Rowena Diggle

alice and sr eileen

Bright Lights Youth Festival

Karolina Storlaska heads up a team of St Patrick’s Artists and associates  including Luci Metcalfe, Lucy Fay, Carla Stone and Oliver, Alice Robertson and Sr Eileen McGrath to run an Arts Tent at the Bright Lights Youth Festival.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeptember: The Pope’s Visit: Work on events together to prepare for the Pope’s visit including painting a banner welcoming the Pope for outside the church.

The Posada – Fr Digby asks the artists to make a Posada, A model Mary and Joseph on the donkey, to visit parishioners’ homes in Advent. Lucy Fay, Carla and Alice work on this project, encouraged by Fr Moses (visiting priest)

2011 Several artists renting studio space in the building

Ongoing: Monthly life drawing and monthly Out and About group

Art retreats led by Sr Sheila  including ‘Beyond the Door’and ‘Mud and Mystery’ with a Mass before hand with Fr Digby

A monthly Mass for the artists in the Old School Building

Opening of the Hurtado Centre, run by the Jesuit’s in Wapping

Various other workshops, one led by Minjee Lee, Korean artist

Artists drawing portraits in Wapping as part of Pentecost Festivities

2012 Artists Studios: Artists in building with studio space in Jan 2012: Adrian Tobin, Lucinda Metcalfe, Lucy Fay, Rafael, Robin Symes, Carla Stone and Oliver, Patsy Lawlor

Moved out: Rafael, Robin Symes –  Moved in: Liza Cucco, Neil Lamont, Alice Robertson,

Ongoing: Monthly Artists Mass with Adoration and regular gatherings to pray and plan (and occasionally clean) also with Fr Digby

Verbum Dei Artists Retreat, Isle of Wight

Sr Sheila continuing to give workshops in Wapping and at DeMazenod Spirituality Centre in Towerhill –  ‘Heart of the Seed of Love’, ‘Autumn in Our Lives’.

‘Heart of the Seed of Love’ Retreat Day with Sr Sheila  May 2012

2012 Monthly St Patrick’s Out and About group drawing visits

Monthly Life Drawing

Monthly watercolour workshops starting up – with Elspeth Elliot (local resident of Wapping and keen artist), Clive and Alice

Other workshops include Lucinda Metcalfe running an excellent workshop on painting clouds

Pimlico group – two full day workshops in the project space led by Alice Robertson

2012 Society of Catholic Artists showing interest and wanting to support

Fr Digby Samuels leaving St Patrick’s – Fr William Nicol arrives

Painting backdrop for the crib, Alan (Pollyanna) put it up

2013 ArtistsStudios:                                                                                                  Adrian Tobin, Lucinda Metcalfe, Lucy Fay, Carla Stone and Oliver, Patsy Lawlor, Liza Cucco, Neil Lamont, Alice Robertson

During course of the year – Zannah Cooper, Phil Elbourne and Bernard Allen move in to studios; Neil Lamont and Carla Stone leaving.

Ongoing: St Patrick’s Monthly Life drawing (until autumn – see below), Out and About Group and Watercolour/ art Groups

Sr Sheila giving an Art Retreats in OSPS and Tower Hill

Monthly Mass for Artists

St Patrick’s Day Market with Open Studios: Many visitors, friends of artists and parishioners visiting.  Elspeth Elliot, Clive Lee and Rose Walsh doing a stall to invite people to come to the watercolour and out and about groups, much interest. Studios blessed by Fr Damian.

Assumption Exhibition; organised by Lucy Fay and Alice Farmer Exhibitors and participants: Artists: Lucy Fay, Luci Metcalfe, Adrian Tobin, Zannah Cooper, Phil Elbourne, Alice Farmer, Carla Stone, Rosaleen Walsh, Alice Robertson; Writing by: Francis Hoyland (artist, tutor at Royal Drawing School) , Damian Arnold. Music by parishioners.

Assumption Exhibition

2013 Diocese Health and Safety check. Closing the top floor of building, stopping life drawing. Moving water colouring to hall on ground floor. Signing Tenancy agreements for studio spaces
2014 Artists Studios: Adrian Tobin, Luci Metcalfe, Lucy Fay, Patsy Lawlor, Liza Cucco, Alice Robertson, Bernard Allen, Zannah Cooper, Phil Elbourne Dan Curtis moving in

£15,000 needs to be spent on OSPS to keep it running – artists making contributions.

Autumn – Elena Verity coming in once a week to work in the kitchen.

Ongoing Activities:

Monthly watercolour days at OSPS

St Patrick’s Out and About days

Sr Sheila continuing with ‘Awakening the Artist Within’ series (Jan, Feb, March, April and June) at Towerhill – strong community and fellowship

Monthly Parish Mass for Artists in the Old School

Epiphany Lunch gathering with the artists at OSPS

30th March – Fr Damian Howard SJ giving a Symposium on Mary in preparation for making art work for the exhibition

11th May – Through the Eyes of Mary Exhibition and Musical Event Organised by Sarah Teather and Jesuit team. Music and poems organised by Sarah Teather. Performers including Sarah de Nordwall and Verity Hewitt.  Art Organised by Alice Robertson, Alice Farmer, Carla Stone.  Exhibitors: Charlotte Ashenden, John Bateson-Hill, Zannah Cooper, Alice Farmer, Lucy Fay, Juli Jana, Rose Jeffs, Ruby Jeffs, Francis Hoyland, Daphne Kilner, Patsy Lawlor-Smith, Simone Lia, Alice Robertson, Carla Stone, Adrian Tobin, with students from Bishop Challoner School Writers: Damian Arnold and Francis Hoyland

Through the Eyes of Mary Exhibition and Musical Event

30th June Summer Fayre – fundraiser  –
Liza, Zannah and Tim face painting,  Dan clay workshop, Phil doing a workshop. Open studios – went really well. Artwork from the artists hanging in the presbytery 13th – 15th August Mini Painting Festival Watercolour group and friends painting for three days in the Hall – About 10 people each day, some demonstrations. Carla lending her flat to two participants, Fr William Nicol leaves St Patrick’s –  Fr Vladimir Felzman taking over on an interim basis
2015 Artists Studios:  Liza Cucco, Bernard Allen, Zannah Cooper, Alice Farmer, Juli Jana, Luci Metcalfe, Phil Elbourne, Dan Curtis, Lucy Fay, Alice Robertson, Patsy Lawlor, (briefly Elena Lo Piccolo, parishioner)

Moving out –  Phil Elbourne; Arriving – Naomi Shaw (parishoner) and Mike Quirke.

Ongoing: Watercolour workshop (based partly at Towerhill)

St Patrick’s Out and About Group

Mass for the Artists once a month

May –  new parish priest Fr David O’Reilly takes up his appointment

Sr Sheila’s Art and Prayer Ministry continuing – mainly based at Tower hill

And longer annual retreats at the OMI Retreat Centre in Crewe in June

Two trips –January and September to Benedictine Monastery at Turvey with Watercolour group and friends, with input from  Br Herbert Kaden OSB

13th June – Mass and talk on the Resurrection in Lucy Fay and Alice Robertson’s studio. Talk by Fr Damian Howard SJ and poems by (Bard) Sarah de Nordwall. In preparation for a proposed  exhibition on the Ressurection.  20 people came – parishioners, friends, locals, artists

June – Summer Fair – Elspeth and Alice R running a stall at the Parish summer fair – selling artwork and talking about the artists project to parishioners. Raised around £75

Autumn: Mike Quirke and Bernard Allen join the team of artists commissioned by Cardinal Vincent Nichols to produce the Westminster Cathedral Stations of Mercy for the Holy Year of Mercy.

2016 Artist Studios: Liza Cucco, Bernard Allen,  Zannah Cooper, Alice Farmer, Juli Jana, Luci Metcalfe, Mike Quirke, Alice Robertson, Patsy Lawlor, Naomi Shaw

Leaving: Lucy Fay, Dan Curtis  – Moving in: Kirsty Kerr, Nikki Gardham

Ongoing: Watercolour workshop (based partly at Towerhill and the Jesuit run Hurtado Centre)

St Patrick’s Out and About Group

Mass for the Artists Community once a month

February : Youth of Westminster diocese Arts Day led by Marie-Louise Van Spyk and Alice Robertson with talk from Mike Quirke

Art and prayer day at Turvey led by Johan – a follow on from the Wapping group trips to Turvey Abbey

Painting the walls in the artists’ communal area for all the artists  – organized by Bernard Allen.

Studio artists invited by Hurtado Jesuit Centre to join steering group for planned Resurrection Exhibition for 2017 – Alice Robertson, Bernard Allen, Kirsty Kerr, Mike Quirke

Nikki Gardham, Alice Robertson and Mike Quirke helping to judge and present prizes for art competition looking at refugee issues organised by Rebecca Gormally at the Hurtado Centre

Hurtado KS2 Art Competion

2016 September: Launch of St Patrick’s Studio’s website created by Mike Quirke & David Fairbairn. Historical content supplied by Alice Robertson.

Website Launch September 2016


2016 Sep/Oct – St Partick’s artists participate in Wapping Open Studios exhibiting at the Hurtado Jesuit Centre. Artists exhibiting – Adrian Tobin, Alice Farmer, Alice Robertson, Bernard Allen, Juli Jana, Kirsty Kerr, Liza Cucco, Luci Metcalfe, Mike Quirke, Nikki Gardham, Zannah Cooper

Website Launch September 2016



2016 October: Work from Open Studios transfers to Husk Coffee and Creative Space . The work is displayed throughout October. Artists exhibiting – Alice Farmer, Alice Robertson, Bernard Allen,Juli Jana, Kirsty Kerr, Liza Cucco, Mike Quirke, Nikki Gardham, Zannah Cooper

November: Fundraising Event for Resurrection Exhbition at The Geroge Tavern with Bernard Allen performing.



2017 January: Resident artists  – Alice Farmer, Alice Robertson, Bernard Allen, Juli Jana, Kirsty Kerr, Luci Metcalfe, Mike Quirke, Nikki Gardham , Patsy Lawlor, Naomi Shaw Zannah Cooper (Moving out: Liza Cucco – Moving in: Elizabeth McCarten)

February: Camaradas – Mike Quirke & Giuseppe Marasco

March: @StPatsStudios Twitter

March: 48hrs pop up exhibition with Nikki Gardham and Elizabeth McCarten


March: St Patrick’s Day Parish Quiz Night artists team Nikki Gardham, John Chapple, Alice Robertson, Luci Metcalfe, Bernard Allen, Mike Quirke  – artists make second place!

April:  St Partick’s team Kirty Kerr, Mike Quirke, Bernard Allen, Alice Robertson curate the Hurtado Jesuit Centre/Farm Street Jesuit Church Resurrection Exhibition . Artists participating  – Alice Robertson, Bernard Allen, Elizabeth McCarten, Kirsty Kerr, Mike Quirke

resurrection flyer

May – November : St Patrick’s Studios and invited artists Resirrection exhibition at the Servite Church of Our Lady of Dolours. Exhibiting artists – Alice Robertson, Andrew White, Bernard Allen, Daphne Kilner, David Lilley, Elizabeth McCarten, Francis Hoyland, John Bateson-Hill,  John Cook, Kirsty Kerr, Melissa Perkins, Mike Quirke, Rene De Los Reyes, Rosaleen Walsh, Tessa Hunkin, Victoria Brenninkmeijer

servite flyer corrected smaller

June: Artists participate in the Great Get Together inspired by Jo Cox in Wapping Gardens painting banners, face painting and portrait painting.

June: Not the Royal Academy the final show at the longstanding Alexander Llywellyn Gallery in Waterloo. Alice Robertson exhibiting.


August: The Painting Show- Codharbour Lane Brixton. Nikki Gardham, Elizabeth McCarten

August: Mike Quirke solo exhibition Bridegroom at CTS Bookshop

Exhibition poster Mike Quirke vsm

September: Fr. Andrew Connick arrives as new Parish Priest

September: Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2017 Elizabeth McCarten & Alice Robertson participating. Elizabeth wins the Jackson’s Young Artist Award.

October: St Michael’s Art’s Festival, Stockwell. Charlotte Bromley – Davenport, Alice Robertson, Mike Quirke exhibititing.


November: Closing Event Evening for Resurrection Exhibition: speakers Fr Chris O’Brien, Mike Quirke, Sara de Nordwall

servite flyer francis hoyland smaller

December:  Nikki Gardham solo exhibition Patchwork at Mercer Chance Gallery;

Nikki Gardham - Patchwork poster copy

December: Advent & Chrismastide Exhibition Servite Church of Our Lady of Dolours. Participating Artists Francis Hoyland, Alice Robertson, Tom Treherne, Daphne Kilner, Victoria Brenninkmeijer, Alice Farmer, Bernard Allen, Mike Quirke, John Bateson, Lucinda May

advent&christmastide flyer

December: Husk Community Exhibition Living Water : Lucinda May, Mike Quirke exhibiting.


2018 Resident artists: Alice Robertson, Bernard Allen,  Luci Metcalfe, Mike Quirke, Nikki Gardham , Patsy Lawlor, Naomi Shaw

Artists leaving: Juli Jana, Alice Farmer,  Kirsty Kerr, Zannah Cooper  Moving in: Lucinda May, Lena Dmitriyeva, Robert Connick

January: The River  – an interactive painting project. Nikki Gardham & Elizabeth McCarten leading workshops.

the river

February: Between Friends an Arts Centre Group and Morphe Arts Exhibition at St. Stephen Walbrook. Kirsty Kerr, Lucinda May, Mike Quirke exhibit.

between friends flyer

February: Shards & Seams Kirsty Kerr solo show at Husk.

Shards & Seams Flyer

February: Mike Quirke solo exhibition of recent and older work at Husk Cafe space

February: Camaradas Mike Quirke & Giuseppe Marasco exhibiting

thumbnail_Camaradas e-Invitation

March: Tom Treherne & Mike Quirke joint exhibition at OurLady of Dolours Servite Churchtom mike corbel font online

April: Bearing Teeth Gallery 98 Ramsgate. Nikki Gardham Elizabeth McCarten


May: Kirsty Kerr Everything Must Change Heath Street Baptist Church


May: Coffee Wake Cup , Clapham – Nikki Gardham Mike Quirke

coffee wake cup flyer (2)

May: Adoremus Exhibition Our Lady of Dolours

Adoremus Exhibition