Wapping Open Studios: St Patrick’s Studios at the Hurtado Refugee Centre.

Health and Safety regulations prevented the artists from inviting the general public into the studios at the Old St Patrick’s School building – an opportunity to show in the Hurtado Centre instead was accepted the only drawback being the hall offered a limited wall space to hang work. Not to be put off two MDF walls 20ft x 10ft and 20ft x 8ft were prepared and constructed on the Thursday evening along with the submission of artists work for display. It’s regretful no stop-motion record of this process exists. However another time…



Thursday was a late finish and Friday an early start with a group of the 12 exhibiting artists organising a hang before the opening at 7.00pm that evening. Additional arrangements also required the use of a second room for St Patrick’s Watercolour group, one video installation and Kiddies Corner.



Work continued right up to the last minutes before 7.00pm as somehow punters managed to find their way into ‘the gallery space’ before the scheduled opening. Very soon the place was heaving with a broad cross section of guests, family, friends and locals.





As 9.00pm approached, mindful of the sleeping Jesuits, all were encouraged to depart and to continue celebrating if wished at a local hostelry. Saturday and Sunday continued to see a steady stream of visitors and some sales!! Hurray!





Closing late Sunday afternoon the artwork was soon off the walls and the walls dismantled and stored for later use.  The artwork was transported a mile down the road to Limehouse, to Husk Coffee and Creative space with another early start Monday morning to hang the work in the café spaces.

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