St Patrick’s Studios at Husk Coffee and Creative Space

Transforming the Hurtado Centre’s canteen into a gallery for a weekend may well have been the biggest task of the year. What do you do after days of constructing and deconstructing walls, hanging and taking down 50+ artworks, countless trips back and forth in Mike’s handy van (and not to mention hosting a buzzing opening night)? Do it all again, of course…


It’s brilliant that an exhibition put together for Wapping Open Studios could exist beyond the weekend planned. After taking it down, we packed up and transported everything (cue Mike’s handy van!) to be re-hung at Husk Coffee and Creative Space in Limehouse.


Husk is a community centre and project of a Christian charity called London City Mission. As well as being a lively café and coffee shop, it also connects with local artists and creatives through its residency program and gallery spaces. St Patrick’s studios have connections with the space as a result of some of our artists exhibiting there in the past, and one who currently works there. So we were really grateful when they gave us the opportunity to extend our exhibition on the café walls until the end of October!


It was a challenge to curate the show again in such a different space! But it was also exciting to see how new relationships and juxtapositions emerged between works, through a completely different hang. And it’s wonderful that our work can be shared with and enjoyed by more people in the East London community!


Husk is open Tuesdays – Saturdays, and the show continues until the 29th October. Pop over and catch it over a good coffee!



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