Summer Festival Watercolour Group


The Watercolour Group has been going for some time now and Alice, Elspeth and Clive were at its inception several years ago.

We  begin our days with a prayer or poem chosen by members of the group to share. This is something Alice instigated creating a warm, peaceful, hospitality that everyone values.

We thoroughly enjoy sharing ideas and techniques and practising them together and individually.

Activities of  2016 Summer festival displayed a variety of approaches in a focused and supportive environment;

  • Elspeth perfected the art of “wet on wet” in her gorgeous flora paintings.
  • Clive continued to  experiment with different techniques.
  • Daphne produced beautiful landscapes in mixed media.
  • Marie focused on developing a loose and free style in flower painting.
  • Rosaleen focused on capturing the Salt marshes and sea lavender of  North Norfolk, mixed media.

Other members were unable to join us this time apart from Rosaleen Haddow who managed Wednesday only, but she still kindly brought coffee ,tea and provisions and she painted a  lovely hanging basket next to the church.

At the end of each day we shared our paintings with the group and offered each other encouragement and support in ways to go forward; “Have a go!”  being our philosophy.

Our thanks go to St Patrick’s for hosting the festival again this year  and providing this space for us to get together and paint.

Members: Alice Robertson, Elspeth Elliot, Clive Lee,  Marie Scanlan,  Rosaleen Haddow, Janice Reeves, Daphne Kilner, Pam  Ware, Keith Ware, Rosaleen Walsh.

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